Descendants of Henry Kroh

Parents of Henry Kroh:

Johann Simon Groh / Grow / Kroh


Maria Anna Catherine Kanter/Kantner/Cudner, His Wife


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The Descendants of

Simon Kroh


Catherine Cudner, His Wife



James Henry Franklin “Frank” Kroh



The Ancestors


Simon Kroh (Groh)
Bef 1740 – Bef. 22 Jun 1772
Simon Kroh (Groh) was born before 1740, and died before June 22, 1772. He married Anna Catherine Kantner (according to some sources Catherine Cudner).

Johann Simon Groh came from Rotterdam Germany (stopping in Portsmouth, England) on the ship The Dragon in 1749. It is said that he came from Holland via Germany. His wife was called Catherine,  our ancestor was his son, Henry, and he settled in Berks Co., PA.


Johan Simon Groh mentioned on page 221 of NAMES OF GERMAN, SWISS AND OTHER IMMIGRANTS — 1749 No. II. — Names of early settlers of Berks and Montgomery Counties, originally Philadelphia County, &c., &c. . 434  142) Oct. 17, 1749. Palatines, Wirtembergers and Alsatians, (from Alsace,) — ship Dragon, Daniel Nicholas, Master, from Rotterdam, last from Portsmouth. — 244 passengers including Johan Simon Groh.


The name was “Groh” changed to “Kroh”; changing spelling was common in those days. They did have more children, as a letter referred to Henry as the eldest son. I have also seen this name spelled “Groah”, “Groe”,and “Grow”.




1. Henry Groh,   b. 12 Nov 1764, Berks Co., Pennsylvania, d. 04 Sep 1823, Martinsburg, VA.
2. George Groh,   b. estimated 1770
3. Catherine Groh,   b. estimated 1770
4. Christina Groh,   b. estimated 1770
5. Maria Margaret Groh,   b. Apr 1771, baptized 4/28/1771Tulpehocken Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania


Simon died intestate. The probate document reads as follows:

Benjamin Chew, Esquire Register for the Probate of Wills and granting Letters of Administration in and for the Providence of Pennsylvania &c
To Catharine Groh, widow of Simon Groh later of the Township of Tupelhocken in the county of Berks in the said Province Yeoman deceased Greeting~
Whereas the said Simon Groh lately died Intestate (as is affirmed) having whilst he lived and at the time of his death drivers goods, chattels, rights and credits within the said county by means whereof the full disposition and power of granting the administration of all and singular the goods chattels, rights and credits which were the said deceased within the said county and also the auditing the accounts, calculations and reckonings of the said administration and a final desmission from the same to me is manifestly known to belong. I desiring that the goods, chattels, rights and credits of the said deceased may be well and truly administered, do hereby grant to you the said Catherine Groh in whole fidelity in this behalf I very much concede full power by the tenor of these presents, to administer the goods, chattels, rights and credits which were of the said deceased within the said county; and also to ask, collect, levy recover and receive the credits whatsoever of the said deceased, which at the time of his death were owing or to him did any ways belong, and to pay the debts in which the said deceased stood obliged, so far forth, as the goods, chattels, rights and credits will extend according to their rate and order of law, especially of well and truly administering the goods, rights, and credits of the said deceased, and make a true and perfect inventory there-of and exhibiting the same into the Register’s office at the town of Reading, in the County of Berks, at or before the twenty second day of July next, and render a true and just account, calculation or reckoning of the said administration, at or before the twenty second day of June in the year of our Lord one thousands seven hundred and seventy three. And also, I do by these precepts ordain, constitute and appoint you the said Catherine Groh sole administrator of all and singular the goods, chattels, rights and credits which were of the deceased, within the limits aforesaid, saving harmless and forever indemnifying me and all other officers against all persons whatsoever by reason of your administration aforesaid and saving to all others their rights. In Testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal of office the twenty second day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and severnty two. (Signed James……)

Oct. 17, 1749. Tfaf 3er, Quirttemnterger unb (tfffcher Famen mit bein cdif ratgon, (Yapitain Oaniet 9icoiad, ton 9Nottertbamn fiber Tortontoutt).-244 bit G0anjen. (Oct. 17, 1749. Palatines, Wirtembergers and Alsatians,(from Alsace,)-ship Dragon, Daniel Nicholas, Master, from Rotterdam, last from Portsmouth.-244 passengers.) Johan Simon Groh

GROH, SIMON, Tulpehocken.
June 22, 1772.
Adm. to Catharine GROH, the widow.

Simon’s headstone has not  been found.   The cemetery where they had their daughter baptized, and sponsored several other children, is the Blue Mountain Zion Church, which has its own cemetery. They are not listed there, but some other family members are, including Nicholas Kantner, Revolutionary War soldier, the son of Jacob and Susanna (Hubler) Kantner ; and brother-in-law to Simon.


German Lutheran and German Reformed Churches in Berks County, 1717-1793:


BLUE MOUNTAIN AKA NORTHKILL (also known as ZION after 1819): From the 1740s, located in Upper Tulpehocken Township. A warrant was obtained in c. 1746-1747 for acreage on which to build a Lutheran church, and which was apparently also used from the beginning by the Reformed, by which it became a union church. Baptisms in the register go back as early as 1743.  The first church, a log structure, lasted until 1819, when a new stone building was erected.

131 26 Groh Henry pg0125.txt


123 16 Groh Jacob pg0096.txt
Page Line Head of Household Males 16+ Males 16- Females
123 16 Groh, Jacob 1 3 2

Life in Berks County, Pennsylvania

It has been written that the Tulpehocken Settlement of 1723-1729 marked the beginning of one of the great population movements in Colonial America — the German migration to Pennsylvania. The original Tulpehocken settlers had formerly been part of a group of some 4000 Palatine Germans who colonized New York state under Governor Hunter in 1710.

Many Germans came from the fertile section of the Upper Rhine known as the Palatinate. The Thirty Years’ War had made this lovely land of rich fields a battleground. The people were weary of poverty and persecution and eagerly accepted William Penn’s invitation to come to Pennsylvania. They left their ruined homes by thousands and took passage on crowded, slow vessels, into which they were packed for weeks. Many of them were unable to pay their passage across the ocean so they sold their services for a number of years in exchange for passage to the ship’s captain. Agents of sailing companies often contracted to bring them to America where the agent had the right to sell the “redemptioneer’s” labor for a certain number of years to pay for his transportation. These “indentured servants” or “redemptioneers” were virtually slaves until the contract expired; they were, quite understandably, the first people in America to protest the slave traffic. Some immigrants served their masters for five years to pay a debt of only $48 and their lot was usually a hard one. Those who came to Berks County cleared the land, planted the fields, erected buildings, laid out roads, and turned the area into a smiling land of plenty. Though somewhat changed, the German language prevailed.

Unable to carry out the impractical plan of producing tar for the Queen’s Navy to pay their passage, or later to acquire land titles to farmland in the Schoharie Valley, a good portion of the Schoharie Community traveled by water to Tulpehocken in groups of fifteen to fifty families. Led by Conrad Weiser and others, these settlers also spread the news to their relatives in Germany that Pennsylvania offered freedom from religious intolerance and land that was reminiscent of the fertile valleys in the Palatinate. In the following decades the shipping lanes from Rotterdam to Philadelphia brought some 3,000 German immigrants bound for the interior of Pennsylvania. By 1752, when Berks County was founded, its population was overwhelmingly German, and the Pennsylvania German character of the region was established.

The Tulpehocken area was the first section of the county to be settled as a clustered colony. For this reason it was one of the first to establish a church. In 1725 Leonard Reed donated seven acres of ground for church, school, and burial purposes, at the present site of Reed’s Cemetery. The first log church was built in 1727 and the school organized in 1730. During its early years a struggle for control occurred involving community and church leaders. Conrad Weiser, a pious public spirited citizen (as well as Pennsylvania’s foremost spokesman and ambassador among the Indians) was embroiled in the rivalry between the Lutheran followers of John Caspar Stoever and the Moravian Congregation under Caspar Leutbecker both seeking exclusive occupancy of Reed’s Church, and the concurrent efforts of John Philip Boehm and John Peter Miller to establish a Reformed Congregation. One result of this “Tulpehocken Confusion” was the withdrawal in 1735 of Weiser, Miller, and Gottfried Fidler to the Cloisters at Ephrata, enticed by the magnetism of Conrad Beissel. In order to break ties to the past, an infamous “Burning of the Books” was performed at the Fidler Cabin in which 36 devotional books were burned in an act of cleansing and sacrifice. (What is it with Germans and book burning?)
Berks County is the ancestral home of Abraham Lincoln and the birthplace of Daniel Boone, the Kentucky pioneer. The two families lived near each other and were friends.

Berks is an abbreviation of Berkshire In England, where the Penn family had large estates. Reading, England, was the capital of Berkshire; consequently, the Penn’s selected the same name for the county seat of Berks when they laid out the city in 1748.
Shortly after his election as President, November 1793, George Washington was a guest in Reading on his return from Lebanon where he Inspected construction of the Union Canal. He also stopped at Womelsdorf and was deeply moved by the royal reception of the Berks County Germans.


Family of settlers at their log cabin near Harrisburg PA, 1700s.
An outstanding group of Colonial German farmhouses built before 1770 is found in the southern and western section of the district in Marion Township, the first section to be settled in 1723, and the area of the richest farmland. These include the Fidler, Reed, Kopp, and Braun log houses built c. 1730-1752, and the Loesch, Reed, and Dieffenbach stone houses c. 1753-1765. The log houses feature interior off-center chimneys, a two or three-room floor plan, and notched-corner construction. The stone houses display steep rooflines, evidence of encircling pent roofs, flat brick or stone arches over the window openings, and asymmetrical placement of windows and doors.
Its most salient feature is its Germanic character. This was noted in comments of early travelers:

John, Schoeff (1783-84) “…the Tulpehocken Creek is an exceedingly beautiful and fruitful section. Its inhabitants are prosperous and nearly all German, for these people have always and everywhere had an eye for the most fertile lands.”

Theopile Cazenoveo (1794) “The farmers houses are well built of stone, good large barns,…the land in grains and clover. They have all become rich through the high prices of grain since the French Revolution…They accumulate cash, buy land next to their own and give it to their sons . . . They have kept their ancestors’ costumes…their bearing and appearance…is German.”

Records from Upper Tulpehocken Twp – Blue Mountain Church:

Maria Margret GROH, dau of Simon and wife, baptized 4/28/1771, spons: Casper LANG and wife.
Simon GROH and ‘wife’ were sponsors at baptism of John Simon LANG, s/o Casper and wife, baptized on 3/8/1767.

Simon GROH and ‘wife’ also sponsored John Simon ALBERT, s/o Michael and wife, on 7/29/1770 at the same church.

Rebecca GROH, dau of Henry and wife, born 4/2/1790, baptized 5/13/1790, spons: Maria GROH
John GROH, dau of Henry and wife, born 4/3/1791, bp 4/26/1791, spons: John Marschall and Elizabeth
Simon GROH and ‘wife’ were sponsors at baptism of John Simon LANG, s/o Casper and wife, baptized on 3/8/1767.

Revolutionary War 1776

By looking over the names of the numerous men in Berks county who participated in the movement for independence, it will be found that they are almost entirely German. The population of the county was largely German and of German descent, and this preponderance of names over those of all other nationalities was to be expected. The proportion was fully nine-tenths. They used the German language in their daily affairs, excepting the transfer of title to real estate which was required to be in the English language by a provincial law. The location of the English people in 1775 was mostly at Reading, and in Robeson, Caernarvon, Union, Exeter, Oley, Maidencreek and Richmond townships, or eight districts out of twenty-nine, but the major part of the people in these districts also was German, excepting the southern section of the county. It can be stated that Berks county was then distinctively the most German county of the eleven counties in the Province.

Did (Simon) Jacob fight and/or die in the war?
Berks County Revolutionary War Soldiers, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Battalion 1777 and 1778
Capt. Kemp’s Company : Kroh, Jacob

Prices in October, 1776.

Linen, per yd 12sh. Wood, per cord £2
Shoes, per pr 15 ” Meat, per lb lOd.
Salt, per bu 25 ” The prices of articles generally
Pork, per quarter 13 ” were two and three times what
Butter, per lb 2- ” they were before 1775.

Prices in October, 1777, as fixed by the Commissary General :

Wheat, per bu 8sh., 6d. Pork, per 100 lb $7 and $8
Rye ” 8sh., 6d. Whiskey, per gall 8sh., 6d.
Indian Corn, per bu.. .6sh., 6d. Hay, per ton. 1st crop, £7, lOsh.
Beef, per 100 lb $10 ” ” 2nd ” £6
Other Prices.
Salt, per bu £10 and £15 Potatoes, per bu .. ..l6sh.
Cord Wood, per cord Cosh. Chickens, apiece lOsh.

When the Committee was appointed on November 8, 1777, to collect clothing, arms, etc., the articles taken were to be appraised as follows :

New single blanket £3.
In proportion for inferior kinds.
Strong, large, well-made shoes, per pr 25sh.
Good yarn stockings, per pr 22sh., 6d.
Good well-manufactured cloth, } yd. wide, per yd 30sh.
Good linsey woolsey, 1 yd. wide, per yd losh.
Good linen for soldiers’ shirts, 1 yd. wide, per yd 15sh.
Good tow linen, per yd. 8sh.

The Committeemen were allowed 20sh. per day for every day employed in performing their duty.
In 1780.

Col. Nicholas Lotz, as Commissioner of Purchases for Berks County, addressed a letter to the Executive Council, dated at Reading, June 5, 1780, in which the prices of certain articles at that time appear. They were as follows:

Corn, per bu 5sh., (id. Flour, per cwt 30sh.
Oats, ” 3sh., 9d. Hay, per ton 80sh.
Buckwheat, per bu 4sh.

Other events that occurred during his lifetime:

King George’s War 1744
Benjamin Franklin flies kite 1752
French and Indian War 1754
Sugar Act 1764

Variations in spelling can also be GROH/KROH as evidenced by this tax list in 1767:

On 1767 tax list, Tulpehocken Twp – Simon Kroh, 50 acres, 2 horses, 1 cow, tax=2.

In will abstracts from Berks Co:
Simon GROH, Tulpehocken, 6/22/1772
Administration to Catharine GROH, the widow.

To see the location where the Kroh family lived, visit this website:

Owing to the large influx of foreigners, especially German and Swiss, it was deemed advisable to compel all to take the oath of allegance, which was at the first as follows :
I, ( ), do solemnly & sincerly promise & declare that I will be true& faithfull to King George the Second and do solemnly, sincerly and truly Profess Testifie and Declare, that I do from my Heart abhor, detest & renounce as impious & heretical that wicked Doctrine & Position that Princes Excommunicated or deprived by the Pope or any authority of the See of Rome may be deposed or murthered by their subjects or any other what late, State, or Potentate hath or ought to have any power, soever. And I do declare that no foreign Prince, Person, Pre-Jurisdiction, Superiority, Pre-eminence, or Authority Ecclesiastical or Spiritual within the Realm of Great Britain or the Dominions thereunto belonging.

I. ( ), do solemnly sincerly and truly acknowledge profess testify & declare that King George the Second is lawful & rightful King of the Realm of Great Britain & of all others his Dominions & Countries thereunto belonging, and I do solemnly & sincerly declare that I do believe the Person pretending to be Prince of Wales during the Life of the late King James, & since his Decease pretending to be taken upon himself Hie Stile and Title of King of England by the Name of James the Third, or of Scotland by the Name of James the Eighth or the Stile and title of King of Great Britain hath not any right or title whatsoever to the Crown of the Realm of Great Britain,nor any other the Dominions thereunto belonging. And I do renounce & refuse any Allegiance orobedience to him AT do solemnly promise, that I will be true and faithful, & bear true Allegiance to King George the Second & to him will be faithfull against all traitorous Conspiracies & attempts whatsoever which shall be made against his Person, Crown & Dignity, & Iwill doe my best Endeavours to disclose & make known to King Greorge the Second & his Successors all Treasons and traiterous Conspiracies which I shall know to be made against him or any of them. And 1 will be true and faithfull to the succession of the Crown against him the said James & all other Persons whatsoever as the same is & stands settled by An Act Entitled An Act declaring the Rights & Liberties of the Sub- ject, & settling the Succession of the Crown to the late Queen Anne & the Heirs of her Body being Protestants, and as the same by one other Act Entitled An Act for the further Limitation of the Crown & better securing the Rights & Liberties of the Subject is & stands Settled & Entailed after the Decease of the said late Queen, & for Default of Issue of the said late Queen to the late Princess Sophia Electoress & Duchess Dowager at Hanover the Heirs of Her Body being Protestants and all these things I do plainly & sincerly acknowledge promise & declare, according to these express words by me spoken& according to the plain & common sense and understanding of the same Words, without any Equivocation, mental Evasion or Secret Reservation whatsoever. And I do make this Recognition, Acknowledgement, Renunciation & Promise heartily willingly and truly.

All males over sixteen years of age were obliged to take this oath and declaration, as soon after their arrival as possible being marched to the Court House, although in a number of instances they were qualified at the official residence of the magistrate. According to “The Pennsylvania Archives Oath of Allegience” Johan Simon Groh did, indeed, take this oath between 1727-1775.

A Diary of the Journey of Another Soul, Gottleb Mittelberger

“Passage To America, 1750,” EyeWitness to History, eyewitnesstohistory
At the end of the seventeenth century approximately 200,000 people inhabited the British colonies in North America. The following century saw an explosion in numbers with the population doubling about every 25 years. The majority of these new immigrants were Scotch-Irish, Germans or African slaves. Between 1700 and the beginning of the American Revolution, approximately 250,000 Africans, 210,000 Europeans and 50,000 convicts had reached the colonial shores.

The passage to America was treacherous by any standard. Many of the immigrants were too poor to pay for the journey and therefore indentured themselves to wealthier colonialists – selling their services for a period of years in return for the price of the passage. Crammed into a small wooden ship, rolling and rocking at the mercy of the sea, the voyagers – men, women and children – endured hardships unimaginable to us today. Misery was the most common description of a journey that typically lasted seven weeks.
Gottleb Mittelberger was an organ master and schoolmaster who left one of the small German states in May 1750 to make his way to America. He arrived at the port of Philadelphia on October 10. He represents the thousands of Germans who settled in middle Pennsylvania during this period. He returned to his homeland in 1754. His diary was published in this country in 1898:
“…during the voyage there is on board these ships terrible misery, stench, fumes, horror, vomiting, many kinds of seasickness, fever, dysentery, headache, heat, constipation, boils, scurvy, cancer, mouth rot, and the like, all of which come from old and sharply-salted food and meat, also from very bad and foul water, so that many die miserably.

Add to this want of provisions, hunger, thirst, frost, heat, dampness, anxiety, want, afflictions and lamentations, together with other trouble, as e.g., the lice abound so frightfully, especially on sick people, that they can be scraped off the body. The misery reaches a climax when a gale rages for two or three nights and days, so that every one believes that the ship will go to the bottom with all human beings on board. In such a visitation the people cry and pray most piteously.

No one can have an idea of the sufferings which women in confinement have to bear with their innocent children on board these ships. Few of this class escape with their lives; many a mother is cast into the water with her child as soon as she is dead. One day, just as we had a heavy gale, a woman in our ship, who was to give birth and could not give birth under the circumstances, was pushed through a loophole (porthole) in the ship and dropped into the sea, because she was far in the rear of the ship and could not be brought forward.

Children from one to seven years rarely survive the voyage; and many a time parents are compelled to see their children miserably suffer and die from hunger, thirst, and sickness, and then to see them cast into the water. I witnessed such misery in no less than thirty-two children in our ship, all of whom were thrown into the sea. The parents grieve all the more since their children find no resting place in the earth, but are devoured by the monsters of the sea. It is a notable fact that children who have not yet had the measles or smallpox generally get them on board the ship, and mostly die of them.
When the ships have landed at Philadelphia after their long voyage, no one is permitted to leave them except those who pay for their passage or can give good security; the others, who cannot pay, must remain on board the ships till they are purchased and are released from the ships by their purchasers. The sick always fare the worst, for the healthy are naturally preferred and purchased first; and so the sick and wretched must often remain on board in front of the city for two or three weeks, and frequently die, whereas many a one, if he could pay his debt and were permitted to leave the ship immediately, might recover and remain alive.
The Port of Philadelphia, 1756
The sale of human beings in the market on board the ship is carried on thus: Every day Englishmen, Dutchmen, and High German people come from the city of Philadelphia and other places, in part from a great distance, say twenty, thirty, or forty hours away, and go on board the newly-arrived ship that has brought and offers for sale passengers from Europe, and select among the healthy persons such as they deem suitable for their business, and bargain with them how long they will serve for their passage money, which most of them are still in debt for, When they have come to an agreement, it happens that adult persons bind themselves in writing to serve three, four, five, or six years for the amount due by them, according to their age and strength. But very young people, from ten to fifteen years, must serve till they are twenty-one years old.
Many parents must sell and trade away their children like so many head of cattle, for if their children take the debt upon them- selves, the parents can leave the ship free and unrestrained; but as the parents often do not know where and to what people their children are going, it often happens that such parents and children, after leaving the ship, do not see each other again for many years, perhaps no more in all their lives.
It often happens that whole families, husband, wife, and children, are separated by being sold to different purchasers, especially when they have not paid any part of their passage money.
When a husband or wife has died at sea, when the ship has made more than half of her trip, the survivor must pay or serve not only for himself or herself, but also for the deceased. When both parents have died over halfway at sea, their children, especially when they are young and have nothing to pawn or to pay, must stand for their own and their parents’ passage, and serve till they are twenty-one years old. When one has served his or her term, he or she is entitled to a new suit of clothes at parting; and if it has been so stipulated, a man gets in addition a horse, a woman, a cow.”
Mittelberger, Gottleb, Gottleb Mittelberger’s Journey to Pennsylvania in the Year 1750 and Return to Germany in the year 1754 (published by the German Society of Pennsylvania 1898)

(Maria) Anna Catharina Kantner



Maria Anna Catharina Kanter AKA Catherine Cudner, was born17 Oct 1741, Tulpehocken Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania  to John Jacob Kantner and his wife, Susanna Hubler. Anna married Simon Groh at age 20 1762, Tulpehocken Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. Maria may have been a “church” name, it is not used in her records very often. D. 4 Dec 1804, Manheim Township, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, age: 63


Father: Johan Jacob KANTNER (1716-<1773) born on April 28 1716, in Hansweiler, Pfalz, Germany, and died after 1773

Mother: Susanna HUBLER (1721-1804) was born on February 12 1722, in Manheim Twp., Berks Co., PA. and died in 1804


Anna had 9 or 10 siblings:


Anna Catherine KANTNER(17 Oct 1741 – 4 Dec 1804)

Jacob KANTNER(1743 – bef 15 Jun 1791) Jacob Kantner

Johann Georg Kantner, 1745 – 1816

Maria Margaret KANTNER Christ (1747 – 13 Aug 1825) Maria Margaret Christ

Appolonia KANTNER Fey(1749 – Aug 1785) Apollonia Fey,

Johannes KANTNER(9 May 1751 – 1 Jul 1833)

Christina KANTNER(28 Mar 1755 – 13 Nov 1838)

George KANTNER(1761 – 26 May 1816)

John Nicholas KANTNER(28 Nov 1757 – 26 Jun 1840) Nicholas Kantner

Elizabeth KANTNER(1759 – 23 Mar 1814)

Maria Catherina KANTNER(1766 – )


*Ella K. Kantner, Kantner Kinfolk of Germany and America, 1660-1995, E.K. Kantner, Woodland MI, 1997 Marriage211.

Proprietary and State

Ancestor information:

Father Johan Jacob KANTNER,

  1. Apr 1716, Hansweiler, Pfalz, Germany
  2. 28 Apr 1716, Waldmohr Church, Pfalz, Germany, age: <1
  3. bef 29 Mar 1773, Tulpehocken Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania, age: 56

occ. Farmer

rel. Lutheran

Paternal Grandfather Hans Jacob KANTNER(abt 1694 – bef 1743)

AKA. Gander, Ganther

  1. abt 1694, Hansweiler, Pfalz, Germany

Marriage27 Nov 1710, Waldmohr, Pfalz, Germany211

  1. bef 1743, Berks County, Pennsylvania, age: 49


Paternal Grandmother  Anna Maria Catharina LUTZ(abt 1694 – aft 1732)

  1. abt 1694, Hansweiler, Pfalz, Germany
  2. aft 1732, Berks County, Pennsylvania, age: 38

Mother of 8 children:

Anna Magdalena KANTNER(1712 – 16 Apr 1773)

Anna Elizabeth KANTNER(1714 – )

Johan Jacob KANTNER(Apr 1716 – bef 29 Mar 1773)

Anna Catharina KANTNER(abt 1718 – )

Johan Georg KANTNER(abt 1721 – 1 Feb 1782)

Johan Nickel KANTNER(1724 – Sep 1771)

Maria Martha KANTNER(abt 1725 – bef 9 Jan 1808)

Margaretha Louisa KANTNER(1729 – bef 28 Dec 1787)

Paternal Great Grandfather: Hans Jacob LUTZ b. abt 1660, Hansweiler, Pfalz, Germany

  1. bef 27 Nov 1710, Hansweiler, Pfalz, Germany, age: 50

Paternal Great Grandmother: Anna Maria Catharina LUTZ b. abt 1694, Hansweiler, Pfalz, Germany d. aft 1732, Berks County, Pennsylvania, age: 38 occ. Mother of 8 children

Paternal Great Grandfather Hans GANDER/Kantner (1660-<1726)

Paternal Great GrandmotherMaria Catharina (1665-1734)



Anna Magdalena KANTNER(1712 – 16 Apr 1773)

Anna Elizabeth KANTNER(1714 – )

Johan Jacob KANTNER(Apr 1716 – bef 29 Mar 1773)

Anna Catharina KANTNER(abt 1718 – )

Johan Georg KANTNER(abt 1721 – 1 Feb 1782)

Johan Nickel KANTNER(1724 – Sep 1771)

Maria Martha KANTNER(abt 1725 – bef 9 Jan 1808)

Margaretha Louisa KANTNER(1729 – bef 28 Dec 1787)


Paternal Great Great Grandfather Hans Jacob LUTZ (~1660-<1710)


Mother: Susanna HUBLER , daughter of Hannes HUBLER and unknown,  but possibly Anna Margretha Hubler

  1. 12 Feb 1721/22, Manheim Township, Berks County Pennsylvania
  2. 19 Mar 1804, Schuylkill Haven, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, age: 83
  3. Union Cemetery, Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania

occ. Mother of 10 children

rel. Lutheran

Find A Grave Memorial# 174220646


Paternal Grandfather: Hannes HUBLER



Further research:

Hans Jacob Hubler

Born 6 Jun 1680 in Twann, Bern, Switzerland

Son of Heinrich Hubler and Jeanne Pilloud

[sibling(s) unknown]

Husband of Anna Margaretha Graupi — married 17 Mar 1709 in Twann, Bern, Switzerland

Father of Johann Jakob Hubler

Died 28 Aug 1731 in Northampton County, Pennsylvania, United States


Simon and Catherine’s Son, Henry Kroh (and wife Anna Barbara)

Henry Kroh

  1. (Family records) 11/12/1764 in Berks Co. PA  (Strausstown Roots) Born 17 Nov 1764
  2. (Family records) 5/16/1787 Berks Co. PA Married (Strausstown Roots) about 1762 in Tulpehocken Township, Berks County, PA
  3. 9/4/1823 in Martinsburg VA (Now WV)

Person ID      I018826        Strausstown Roots | Kantner

Father            Simon Groh,   b. about 1740,   d. before 22 Jun 1772, Tulpehocken Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania

Mother          Anna Catherine Kantner,   b. 17 Oct 1741, Tulpehocken Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania  ,   d. 4 Dec 1804, South Manheim Township, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania

Family            Anna Barbara Richard,   b. 15 Dec 1764, Berks County, Pennsylvania  ,   d. 02 Sep 1823, Martinsburg, Berkeley County, West Virginia



In the name of God Aman. I Henry Kroh of Berkley County and Connonwealth of Virginia being weak in body but of sound and disposing mind and memory do make and ordain the following to be my last will and testament  viz Item I will an do bequeath to my loving wife  Barbary the one third of all my land in quanity and quality during her natural life. Item I will and bequeath to my sons Simon and Jonathan Kroh the balance of all my land to them and their heirs forever they paying such legacies as I shall here after direct. Item I will and bequeath to my Daughter Rebecah Myers the sum of one thousand five hundred dollars to her and her heirs forever to be paid by my son Simon and Jonathan within two years after my death.  Item I  will and bequeath to my son John Kroh’s heirs  the sum of one thousand one hundred and seventeen Dollars to be paid to them by my son Simon and Johnathon as they respectively come of age (they being two in number) Item I give and bequeath to my son Jacob Kroh the sum of seventeen hundrand and ninety two dollars which he as received of me. Item I will and bequeath to my son Henry Kroh the sum of One Thousand Dollars to be paid by my son Simon and Jonathan within four years after my death to him or his heirs. Item I will and bequeath to my Daughter Katherine Kroh the sum of seventeen hundred and ninety two dollars to be paid by my son Simon and Jonathan

within two years after my Death. Item I will and bequeath to my Daughter Polly Kroh the sum of Seventeen Hundred and ninety two dollars to be paid by my son Simon and Jonathon 8 years after my death but if my daughters Catherine and Polly should die without issue then in that case the money which I have bequeathed to them  to be paid by my son Simon and Jonathan is to be equally divided amoung all my children Viz Beckah, John, Jacob, Henry, Simon, Jonathan, Daniel, or their surviving heirs except  the part which will fall to my son John is to be paid to his two heirs. Item I will and bequeath to my son Daniel the sum of seventeen hundred

and ninety two dollars to be paid by my sons Simon and Jonathan within ten years after my death. Item I will and bequeath that all my personal property whall be sold for the purpose of the payment of all my just debts after any just debts are paid and there is any overplush it is my will that the same shall be divided among all my children before mentioned equally. Item and after the death of my wife the land that I beqeathed to her is also to belong to my son Simon and Jonathan and I nominate and appoint my sons Jacob Simon and Jonathan Kroh executors to this my last will and testament

Hereby revoking all others made by me. In withness where of I have hereunto set my hand and seal this first day of September Eighteen hundred and twenty three.

Signed sealed published and delared by the above named Henry Kroh to be his last will and testament in the  presence of us who hereunto subscribed  our names as witnesses in the presence of the testator.

Jacob Myers

Sarah (her X mark) Kephart

Alexander Lowman

At a court held for Berkely County the 13th day of October 1823. This last will and testament of Henry Kroh dec’d was proven by the Jacob Myers and Alexander Lowman two of the witnesses thereto

ordered to be recorded . And on the motion of Jacob Kroh, oone of the executors therein named who made Oath thereto according to Law Certificate is granted him for Obtaining a probate thereof in due form giving security whereupon he together with security entered into and acknowledged bond cocnditioned as the Law directs.

Teste D. Hunter O.B.C.

1800  Tulpehocken  PA (Berks Co.) Census; Note neighbors, the Kantners. Uncle, cousin?

The 1800 Census was taken beginning 4 Aug 1800 for 9 months. The following information, in addition to the name of the head of the household, was recorded by the census taker:

  • Free white males under 10
  • Free white males 10-16
  • Free white males 16-26
  • Free white males 26-45
  • Free white males 45 and over
  • Free white females under 10
  • Free white females 10-16
  • Free white females 16-26
  • Free white females 26-45
  • Free white females 45 and over
  • Others free except Indian
  • Slaves

-10 10 to 16 16 to 26 26 to 45 45+

Henry Kroh line:

three white males under 10, none 10-16, none 16-26, one 26-45 none 45 and over

two white females under 10, one 10-16, on6 16-26, none 26-45, one 45 and over

no others


Anna Barbara Reichart /Reichard/Richard

(His Wife)

  1. 12/15/1764
  2. 9/2/1823 Martinsburg, Berkeley County, West Virginia

Person ID   I018826     Strausstown Roots | Kantner



  • ID: I14575
  • Name: Anna Barbara Reichert
  • Sex: F
  • Birth: 14 JAN 1765 in Berks Co. Pa
  • Baptism: 9 MAY 1765 St. Joseph’s Hill Church, Pike Twp., Berks Co. Pa, “Anna Barbara, parents Wilhelm Reigert and Maria Elisabeth, sponsors David Kull and Anna Maria”

Father: William Reichert b: BEF 1742
Mother: Maria Elisabeth b: BEF 1745


  • ID: I9787
  • Name: Jacob R Reichert REICHARD
  • Given Name: Jacob R Reichert
  • Surname: Reichard
  • Sex: M
  • _UID: 4F0D0A12187C41CD929C6557E39C627A5FDF
  • Change Date: 23 MAR 2011
  • Note:

GS film 0020528 it5 Moselem Ch. Berks, PA name given at birth of son Jacob.
also at his marriage.

Other children of his marriage to Ottilia (Federolf?) are on research disk
until confirmation of family records are found.

  • _TMPLT: 1
  • Birth: ABT 1730 in Norheim ?, Rheinland ?, Germany, of Berks co PA
  • Death: Y

Father: maybe kin? REICHARD b: ABT 1700 in possibly, , , Germany

Marriage 1 Ottilia Ottolia notAnnaStuermer! b: ABT 1731 in Norheim ?, Rheinland ?, Germany, of Berks co PA

  • Married:


  1. Conrad REICHERT b: ABT 1753 in possibly of, Berks, PA
  2. Jacob REICHARD b: 1 FEB 1755 in , , PA c: 23 MAR 1755 in Moselem Ch., Berks, PA
  3. John REICHERT b: ABT 1756 in possibly of, Berks, PA
  4. Catharine REICHERT b: ABT 1760 in possibly of, Berks, PA
  5. Carl Karl Charles REICHERD b: ABT 1760 in possibly of, Berks, PA
  6. Anna Barbara REICHERT b: ABT 1765 in possibly of, Berks, PA
  7. Elizabeth REICHERT b: ABT 1770 in possibly of, Berks, PA


Anna Barbara was born 15 Dec 1764 in Berks Co., Pennsylvania to Barbara Metzger Von Weibnom and (Unknown) Richard/Reichart/Reichert. She married Henry Kroh 16 May 1787 Berks Co., Pennsylvania, and died 02 Sep 1823 in Martinsburg, VA.


The Descendants of His Son, Henry Kroh

1.John Kroh b. 5/1790, m. 1809 Virginia, d. 1850 Shawnie-town, IL

Sarah Kelso b. 17?? Scotland,  d. 1850 Rochester Ill.

Children were: James Madison KROH, Caroline KROH, Henry R. KROH, Sara KROH.

1.1 James Madison Kroh

b.11/7/1814 Berkley Co. VA

m.1839 Wabash Co Ill

occ. Carpenter

  1. 10/7/1890 Louisville KY

Spouse #1.  Mary Delaine

  1. 11/10/1821 Wabash Co Ill
  2. 7/10/1873 Carmi, Ill

Possibly 2nd wife Martha Ann Wright b. 1834 m. 1879 White, Illinois

  • Eliza E. Kroh Hoover

b..10/4/1842 Rochester Ill

  1. 8/14/1862 Grayville, Ill

d.1/10/1882 Carmi, Ill

Spouse: Joseph Hoover


d.5/14/1889 John Franklin Hoover

  1. 9/1/1863 Carmi Ill

d.9/2/1887  Louisville, KY Mary Alice Hoover Sarge

  1. 4/3/1864 Carmi Ill,
  2. Mt Vernon, Posey, Indiana
  3. 1886 Louisville KY

Spouse:  Albert Sarge Thomas Grant Hoover -…

  1. 4/3/1866 Albion Ill
  2. 9/15/1895 Evansville, IN
  3. 5/24/1899 (consumption )Find A Grave Memorial# 129368742

Spouse Naoma /Naomi Northner Harris

b.5/30/1878 Evansville, IN

  1. Apr. 27, 1939 Evansville, IN Find A Grave Memorial# 93639105 Ada Rebecca Hoover

  1. Nov. 10, 1898
  2. Mar. 8, 1899 Find A Grave Memorial# 129368692 H Leonard Hoover –



  1. Jul. 7, 1933

Bur. Macon GA

Find A Grave Memorial# 45375262

Spouse Cora Malone

  1. 6/28/1875 Mt. Vernon Indiana
  2. Oct. 6, 1956

Find A Grave Memorial# 45375265 Harry Kroh Hoover –

  1. 3/12/1871 Wabash Station, Ill


  1. 1/12/1898 Evansville IN Ada Hoover Schaich

b.1/11/.1873 Carmi Ill

  1. 11/28/1894


Spouse: Jacob Schaich

b.8/30/1869 Indianapolis IN

d. Eliza Sophie Schaich



d. Donivan Schaich



d.March 1964 Florida  Francis Catharine Hoover

b.8/8/1875 Carmi Ill

  1. 03 Mar 1890 Mt Vernon Ind Sylvester. Lin Hoover -..

  1. 10/30/1879
  2. 10/4/ 1900


Served inWWI

Spouse Celia Schenck

  1. 1/11/1877 Evansville, IN

d. Jame s A. Hoover

b.7/10/1880 Mt. Vernon Indiana

  1. 9/17/1887
  • Laura C. Kroh McGary Bruce

b.2/22/1844 Rochester, ILL

  1. 1869 Carmi ILL

d.Posey, IN

Spouse Abraham McGary


  1. 1874 John McGary

  1. 11/12/1870 Marshalls Ferry, IL

m.8/24/1896 Mt. Vernon IN


Spouse: Victoria Weir


d. Helen B. Mcgary

  1. 08 Apr 1897 Posey Indiana


d. Emma McGary Died in the 1800’s, at at 18 months

James Bruce (second husband of 1.1.2)

b.2/15/1840 White Co. Ill

  1. 9/6/1878 Marshall’s Ferry, Ill Ella Bruce Martin

b.6/18/1879 Sulphur Springs KY

m.6/15/1896 Denver Colorado


Spouse #1.William B Martin

  1. 10/3/1863


Spouse#2  Lewis W. Slocum



d.  Eugene Kenneth Martin

  1. 12/10/1900 Colorado Springs CO

m.12/10/1923 CA


occ. oiler

Spouse: Rose Emily Deloye

  1. 1905 SD

d. Norma Gertrude Martin

  1. 10/10/1905 Colorado Springs CO
  2. 6/15/1929 CA


Spouse: George Mifflin Bond

  1. 1900 OK

d. June Bond

b.9/12/1930 Long Beach CA

m.11/27/1948 Los Angeles CA


Spouse: John Alfred Coultrup

b.8/29/1929 California

d. Charles Bruce

  1. 5/3/1883 Elixer Springs MO


d. Olive Bruce

  1. 5/3/1883 Elixer Springs MO


  1. 18–

1.1.3 John Kroh Jr.


  1. died aged 10 months

1.1.4. Clara Kroh

  1. 1850 Graybill ILL
  2. 1862

1.1.5 Mary Kroh

  1. @ 1852/1853



1.1.6 Alice Carrie KROH

  1. 25 Dec 1861 in Grayville, Illinois



1.1.5 Mary Rachel Kroh Colvin

b.9/22/1858 Graybill Ill

  1. 10/7/1898


Spouse Alfonzo Fairchild Colvin


d. Marguerite Elaine Colvin

  1. 7/16/1901 Denver CO



1.1.6 Alice Carrie Kroh Davis Verner

b.12/25/1861 Grayville, Ill

  1. 3/25/1875 Marshall’s Ferry Ill


Spouse #1 Sylvester Lind Davis

b.1849 Jackson MI

  1. 1898 Evansville, IN Hattie Eliza Davis Peasley

b.10/28/1876 Marshalls Ferry Ill

m.8/31/1898 Denver CO

  1. Dec. 7, 1912 Weld County Colorado

Find A Grave Memorial# 65231505

Spouse LeRoy Peasley

b.2/6/1877 Henderson CO. ILL


Occ: blind farmer and successful businessman Heloise Vivienne Peasley

  1. 12/3/1899 Denver CO

d.1/5/1900 Burial Unknown Verner Leroy Peasley

  1. 10/29/1902


d.Sept 21, 1943

Find A Grave Memorial# 115148158

Spouse: Avel May Jacobson

b.May 26, 1906 Colorado

d.April 9, 1989 Laramie WY

Find A Grave Memorial# 115102016 Baby Boy Peasley

  1. 1936
  2. 7/18/1936

Find A Grave Memorial# 115148263 George Knox Peasley

b.4/10/1906 Boulder CO

m.12/24/1936 Littleton CO


Spouse: Audrey Hyde


d. Lillian Davis

  1. 9/22/1878 Marshalls Ferry, Ill
  2. 10/30/1878 Marshalls Ferry Ill James Madison Davis

b.11/10/1860 Buffalo MO

L Denver CO John Marshall Davis

  1. 5/19/1883 Marshalls Ferry ILL

m.10/1906 Tacoma WA


mil.Served in WWI

occ. Embosser

Spouse: Hattie Mae Todd

  1. 1882 Excelsior Springs MO
  2. 23 Jul 1936 Spokane WA Ralph Sylvester Davis

b.11/6/1887 Mt. Vernon Indiana



  1. Denver, CO

Spouse #2 (ACK) George Alan Verner

  1. 8/8/1862 Milan TN
  2. 3/15/1892 Blackfoot, Ida.

1.1.7 Judith Kroh

  1. 18—

d.18—(Died aged 2)


1.1.8 Thomas Kroh

  1. 18—
  2. 18—(Died aged 4)




1.2 Caroline Kroh


  1. Rochester, Ill


1.3 Henry R. Kroh


Lived by his sister, Sara “Mary” Kroh Covington in 1860 Census

b.1822 Shawneetown, Ill

  1. Grayville, Ill
  2. Cairo, Ill

Rachel Warren


d.1892 San Diego CA

1.3.1. Nellie “Nell”  Kroh Litchfield

b.1854 Evansville, IN

  1. 1879
  2. Likely 9/18/1934 in CA(last known location, Pasadena CA)

Spouse:Edward/Eduard Litchfield

  1. 1851 Evansville, IN

occ. Farmer

  1. ? (last known location, Pasadena CA, like died pre 1930; Nellie was living with son Ralph) Jessie N. Litchfield (Male)

b.1881 Evansville, IN


  1. (last known address San Francisco CA)

Possible Spouse: Ellen L. Pequigrio Litchfield Ralph Adelbert Litchfield

b.4/29/1889 San Diego CA


d.1/9/1968 Santa Clara, CA Find A Grave Memorial# 87358710

Spouse Alice M. Litchfield


  1. 2.24.1965 Find A Grave Memorial# 87358711

1.3.2 Hattie Kroh

b.1857 Grayville, IL


  1. (Last known address Los Angeles CA)

1.3.3 Mattie Kroh Ewing

  1. 1858 Grayville, IL

m.1880 Evansville, IN

d.1881 Likely Find A Grave Memorial# 130344210

Spouse: William Ewing


d.(Possible) Find A Grave Memorial# 136942638

1.3.4 William Henry Kroh



  1. LKA LaMesa CA

Spouse Dora Hortensa Adams

b.7/29/1879 Adams CO. Nebraska

  1. LKA LaMesa CA Jeanette Kroh

  1. 12/1903 LaMesa CA


d. Sadie Kroh

b.3.20.1906 LaMesa CA


d. Frederick Kroh

b.10/16/1907 LaMesa CA


1.4 Sara (Mary)Kroh Covington

1860 Census

  1. @1830

m.5/25/1851 Grayville, IL

d.3/13/1855 Grayville, IL

Spouse Andrew Jackson Covington

b.6/18/1830 Grayville,IL

d.10/14/1863 Grayville, IL

1.4.1 Paul Sears Covington

b.10/03/1852 Grayville, IL

m.11/23/1876 Poseyville, IN

d.1/29/1885 Patoka, IN

occ. Farmer

Spouse Caroline “Carry/Carrie” Belle Saulmon (Second husband, unknown Drake)

b.9/5/1857 or 58 Owensville, IN

  1. 6/30/1952 Los Angeles CA Find A Grave Memorial# 119335859 Maggie May Covington Anderson

b.9/27/1877 Grayville, ILL

m.12/25/1897 Princeton, IN

  1. 12/20/1956 Owensville, IN Find A Grave Memorial# 58167741

Spouse Clarence Anderson

  1. 8/15/1877 Princeton, Indiana
  2. 1/5/1973 Owensville IN Find A Grave Memorial# 58167721

occ. Farmer Ada Pearl Anderson

b.1/1/1900 Owensville, IN


  1. LKA Owensville, IN


1910 census

1920 Census Vearlie Maude Anderson

  1. 4/9/1901

m. Paul Raymond Anderson

  1. 9/28/1902 Indiana



Spouse Cora Newman Wanda Anderson

  1. 1/4/1924 Owensville, Indiana
  2. November 23, 1946, South Bend, Indiana

d.3/24/2004  South Bend, IN Find A Grave Memorial# 8476721

Spouse  Morris D. Mathews

  1. April 29, 1926
  2. LKA Merrillville, Indiana 46410 Pos. death 05 Sep 2012

Military : Served WWII Janet Mathews Craig R. Mathews

Possible dau Elizabeth Maurice William Anderson

b.1/30/1905 Indiana


d.11/2/1989 Illinois C. Anderson

  1. 1/20/1908 Indiana

m: unmarried

d.2/7/1950 Find A Grave Memorial# 58167818 Florence Anderson

  1. @1911 Indiana

m: unmarried

  1. 9/9/1992 Find A Grave Memorial# 58167872 Lois Anderson

b.@1914 Indiana

  1. possibly Find A Grave Memorial# 144007766 Joice /Joyce Anderson

  1. @1918 Indiana

Spouse Unknown Osborn Thelma Anderson

  1. 1/6/1920


d.3/13/2010 Find A Grave Memorial# 49676884

Occ: Personnel Manager at Stewarts Dept. Store

Spouse Ernest Edward Julian


  1. 1995 Find A Grave Memorial# 39893952

She is survived by two daughters, Phyllis Higgs and her husband Benny of Chandler, Ind. and Barbara Wilmotte and her husband Bill of Indianapolis, Ind.; four grandchildren, Todd Higgs of Evansville, Tera Heldt and her husband Farley of Newburgh, Christy Means of Indianapolis, Ind., great-grandchildren, Calen Heldt and Savannah Heldt. Phyllis Julian

L 113 Cortez Ct Chandler IN 47610-9514

(812) 925-3668

Spouse Benny R. Higgs Anthony “Todd” Higgs

L Evansville, IN Barbara Ann Julian

  1. 11/7/1947

L: Indianapolis, IN

Spouse: Bill Wilmotte


  1. 5/11/2010 Find A Grave Memorial# 52825242 Eric Wilmotte

  1. 8/ 7/1977

L: Indianapolis IN Christina Ann Wilmotte


L: Indianapolis IN

Spouse (Richard?)Means

Spouse Andre Grocox Abigail Lynn Means Ann Means James Andrew. Covington

  1. 3/10/1879 Fairfield Illinois


d.1939 Find A Grave Memorial# 58727898

Served WWI; Nearest relative listed as Caroline Bell Drake (his mother), tall with brown eyes and black hair

Spouse  Mary D. Anna Florence Covington (AKA Drake)

b.10/02/1881 Fairfield ILL

  1. 8/21/1897

LKA Princeton, IN

Spouse Phillip Alcom Paul Alcom


  1. 11/27/1898 Maud Alice Covington

  1. 12/06/1883 Princeton, IN
  2. 12/27/1908

d.1918 Find A Grave Memorial# 61693444

Spouse: William A. Robinson (Second Wife Laura reared their children)

b.1884 Patoka IN

d.1971 Find A Grave Memorial# 61693790 Clifford Robinson

  1. @1910 Helen Gladys Robinson

b.5/1/1912 Princeton IN


d.5/1/2014 Evansville, IN Find A Grave Memorial# 129032328

Spouse Thomas J Robb


d.1999 Gilbert Warner Robb


  1. 12/18/2004 Evansville, IN Find A Grave Memorial# 61683241

Served in Korean Conflict  Mary/Maryette E. Robinson

  1. @1917/18 Willis Sears Covington AKA William

  1. 4/24/1885 Patoka IN

m.1/20/1909 Gibson CO IN

  1. 12/12/1966 Los Angeles CA Find A Grave Memorial# 96623336

Per WWII Draft Reg. he was 6’3” tall, 165#, Brown and grey hair , blue eyes and dark complexion , in WWI he had brown eyes listed.

Occ. (ILL) Farmer

Spouse #1 Elsie /Essie L. Mason

#2 Violet Naomi Arnold ( Kleeman)

  1. 1902
  2. 5/20/1930

1.. Dorothy May Covington

b.1909 Indiana

  1. Aug 4, 1928
  2. Likely 3/22/2008 Find A Grave Memorial# 121376070

Spouse 1.Phil C. Smock (Divorced by 1930 Census)

Spouse 2. Joe Harold Stanley

Oil worker

b.1/2/1903 Kansas or Colorado

m.5/22/1935 Santa Ana CA

  1. 12/19/1982 Los Angeles CA

Possible 3rd spouse Abraham V Morrison

m.2/22/1963 San Diego CA Fay/Faye Evelyn Covington


  1. Nov 20, 1929 Orange CA

d.5/7/1984 Kern CA

Spouse Dale Marlowe Karns

  1. 10/21/1908 Rising Sun, OH
  2. 10/1967 Bakersfield Kern, CA Find A Grave Memorial# 176643654 Dale Marlowe Karns

  1. 8/29/1930 Los Angeles, CA


LKA Bakersfield CA

Spouse #1 Novella F. Oglesby (Divorced  July 1971 and March 1976); married 2X?

Spouse #2 Carol L.Mashburn/Steiner


  1. 2/2/1979

LKA Bakersfield CA Robert Eugene Karns

  1. 5/1/1932 Kern, CA
  2. 7/3/1964

Spouse: Bonnie Jean  Rascoe


Current Phone Number

(661) 325-9548

Current Address

508 43rd
Bakersfield, CA 93301

Possible son Gary S Karns Ray Edward Karns

  1. 7/3/1937 Los Angeles, CA


LKA Springville, CA

Current Phone Number

(559) 539-3427

Current Address

31620 Avenue 176 #B
Springville, CA 93265

Spouse: Wanda L Fowler

b. James “Jamie” Milton Covington

Mother listed as Violet, but that is unlikely. Mother is Essie

b.5/21/1914 Indiana

d.6/28/1991 Orange CO CA

Spouse Alice L Fitzpatrick Carras

  1. 8/2/1985 San Diego CA

Likely family:

Mary L Covington
Joann Covington
Pamela Covington Paul Edward Covington

  1. @1919



occ: machinist

Spouse: Francelle/Francis/Frances Ernestine Fickel

  1. 9/17/1916 Iowa
  2. Rebecca Kroh Moyer
  3. 4/2/1789 Berks CO PA

m.1820 Berks Co PA

d.4/18/1866 Wabash CO ILL  Find A Grave Memorial# 17203945

Spouse: Jacob Moyer


d.3/3/1863 Wabash CO ILL Find A Grave Memorial# 17203925

2.1 Susan Ann Moyer Showalter


  1. 12/03/1860


Spouse: Daniel Showalter


d.3/20/1866 Find A Grave Memorial# 17204560

Civil War Veteran

2.1.1.Mary Elizabeth Showalter Barringer

  1. 11/07/1864 Mt Carmel ILL
  2. 3/14/1888
  3. 1936 Find A Grave Memorial# 17190172

Spouse: Reverend Ezra Melancthon Barringer

  1. 6/20/1862
  2. 1/27/1938 Find A Grave Memorial# 17190159 Winfred Jeremiah Barringer

b.9/11/1889 Eddyville ILL

d.11/16/1891  Wayne City ILL Foss Alvin Barringer

  1. 1/28/1891 Keene ILL


  1. 8/13/1947 Springfield ILL Find A Grave Memorial# 2550414

US Navy

Occ: Fireman

5’6” tall, fair complexion, brown hair, blue eyes, suffered from asthma

Widowed by age 29 in 1930 census; living with two children at his parent’s home; see below.

Foss enlisted in the military first in 1917 at age 26, then 1921 and 1923.


Children Eugene b. 1913 and Ruth I b. 1915. They were living with Foss and his parents in the 1930 Census, and in the 1920 census Ruth was with (possibly) her other grandparents, Alex and Ada Stephens.

2.2. Anna Barbara Moyer

b.1/9/1823 Berkley CO Va

  1. 9/22/1870 Wabash CO ILL Find A Grave Memorial# 17203918

2.3 Henry Kroh Moyer  1880 census “H K Moayer”

b.12/10/1824 Berkeley CO WV

m.07/07/1850 Friendsville, ILL

d.3/31/1908 Friendsville, ILL Find A Grave Memorial# 27261546

Occ. Farmer

Spouse: Lucinda Filkey 1880 census “Lusinda Moayer”

b.7/12/1854 Sandusky, OH

d.5/09/1897 Friendsville, ILL Find A Grave Memorial# 92969855

2.3.1 Isabel Moyer


d.1854 Find A Grave Memorial# 92957818

2.3.2 Rebecca Moyer  1870 Census, 1880 Census “Rebecca Moayer”

  1. 4/10/1853
  2. Wabash Co Marriage Records, 1-192


Spouse Jacob Saltsgiver/Saltsgaver (Rebecca likely second wife; he is buried with Elizabeth Jane Saltsgaver)

  1. 11/05/1835 Guernsey Co. OH
  2. 2/28/1917 Allendale ILL


2.3.3 William Moyer  1870 Census

  1. Dec. 17, 1854 Friendsville, Wabash CO ILL


  1. Jun. 18, 1932 Friendsville, Wabash CO ILL Find A Grave Memorial# 58557005

Spouse: Hannah Ollie “Ollie” McGee


d.1944 Find A Grave Memorial# 58557105 Jane Moyer

  1. Aug. 6, 1898
  2. John Alcorn
  3. Nov. 1, 1989 Find A Grave Memorial# 122072896 Henry Alfred  Moyer

  1. 3/30/1902 Illinois


d.(likely)4/30/1970 San Bernadino, CA

2.3.4. George Moyer 1870 Census



d.4/21/1921 Friendsville, Wabash County ,Illinois Find A Grave Memorial# 166090356

Spouse: Emma Hurst

  1. 2/18/1859 Otwell,, IN  ? Moyer

  1. 1895
  2. 18—

2.3.5 Henrietta Moyer

  1. 7/03/1858 Friendsville, Wabash County, Illinois
  2. October 24, 1867 Friendsville, ILL Find A Grave Memorial# 92957782

2.3.6 Sarah Ellen Moyer

  1. 5/27/1860

d.8/31/1876 Find A Grave Memorial# 92969882

2.3.7 Frank Moyer

  1. 2/07/1863
  2. 10/14/1865

2.3.8 Lucinda Moyer


  1. 5 or 8/19/1865 Find A Grave Memorial# 92969832


  1. Abt. 1866, Illinois. 1870 Census


2.3.10 Emily Ann Moyer (EMMA A. MOYER), 1870 Census, 1880 Census “Emline Moayer”

  1. 9/20/1866
  2. 9/17/1901 Allendale Wabash County, Illinois; Wabash Co Marriage Record, 1-267
  3. July 08, 1912.

Spouse: Jeremiah Barthelemy

  1. 6/08/1851 France
  2. August 08, 1848, Wabash County, Illinois;
    Burial: Allendale Cemetery, Allendale, Illinois

Had several  stepchildren
2.3.11. HESTER MOYER 1870 census

  1. March, 10, 1870, Illinois. (Male on 1870 census, but the same census has Henry as female.)
    2.3.12. ELIZA MOYER
  2. 1872
  3. December 25, 1873.

2.3.13 Samuel Moyer

  1. 12/02/1869 Friendsviile, ILL


0000Samuel Moyer

(1877 – 1879)

Find A Grave Memorial# 92969873

  1. SAMUEL MOYER, b. December 02, 1868; d. April 02, 1870.
    More About SAMUEL MOYER:
    Burial: Gard’s Point Cemetery, Lick Prairie Pct, Wabash County, Illinois


2.3.14 James Moyer  1880 census “James Moayer”

  1. 7/5/1875 Friendsville, ILL
  2. Altoona KS

same? Reverend James Edward Moyer

b.Mar. 3, 1874

m.December 27, 1898 in Wabash County, Illinois

d.Aug. 24, 1965 Find A Grave Memorial# 93010279

Spouse: Florence B. Beesley

  1. 9/19/1875
  2. 2/10/1952  Mary E. Moyer

  1. 10/24/1899
  2. 8/3/1984 Find A Grave Memorial# 93010721 Moyer

  1. 8/23/1901
  2. 2/14/1987 Find A Grave Memorial# 93010633 Dorothy M. Moyer

b.12/03/ 1903


d.11/24/1997 Los Angeles CA  Find A Grave Memorial# 93010173

Spouse: Paul Richard Halmos
2.4 Eliza Ann Moyer

b.6/10/1827 Washington CO Maryland

m.10/08/1854   Wabash Co ILL

  1. 2/22/1913 Find A Grave Memorial# 17193117


Spouse: George Myer Cozine


d.2/25/1900 Wabash Co ILL Find A Grave Memorial# 119771875
2.4.1. Clara Emaline Cozine

  1. 6/25/1855 Wabash County, Illinois
  2. 1/23/1873 Aged 18 Find A Grave Memorial# 17193103

2.4.2. Alma Louisa Cozine  (This person totally different dates from the JHK work)

b.11/08/1856 Allendale ILL

  1. 12/15/1878

d.4/7/1945 Kokomo IN Find A Grave Memorial# 17210043

Spouse:  Washington IrvingTaylor AKA Irvin W. Taylor

  1. 8/29/1851
  2. 12/07/1935 Find A Grave Memorial# 17210056 Minnie May Taylor

b.12/13/1879 Wabash Co. ILL


  1. 12/19/1971 Find A Grave Memorial# 148669639

Spouse: Henry Albert Kelsey AKA Harry Kelsey

  1. 6/13/1875
  2. 1966 Find A Grave Memorial# 148669588 Harry Willard Kelsey

  1. 8/17/ 1913 IN


  1. 1/6/2014 Arkansas

Harry Willard Kelsey, 100, died Jan. 6, 2014, in Conway. Arkansas. He was born in Kokomo, Ind., and graduated from Kokomo High School. He served in the Navy during World War II and continued to work for the Navy at the Naval Ordnance Laboratory in Corona, Calif., until his retirement. Survivors include his wife, Jo Ann; daughter, Ann; son, Albert; dear friends, Mary and Harold Henderson; four grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren.

Spouse: JoAnn (Lantz?)

  1. 1917
  2. LKA 315 Hannah Dr, Conway, AR 72034-or 7266 3345 Turf Lane Conway, AR Ann Albert Franklin Willard Taylor AKA “Frank”

b.11/20/1883 Wabash Co ILL


  1. 5/3/1972 Riverside, CA Find A Grave Memorial# 112824610

Occ: Locomotive Engineer with Western Pacific RR

Specifics: Med height and build, blue eyes and light brown hair (WWI Draft)

Spouse: Vera J.

  1. 1891

d.1972 Find A Grave Memorial# 112824752

2.4.3. Sarah Elizabeth Cozine


  1. 11/11/1888

d.1/21/1942 Find A Grave Memorial# 17203587

Spouse: James Buchanan Litherland


  1. 5/12/1919 Find A Grave Memorial# 17203514 Chelsea Gerald Litherland

b.3/15/1890 Wabash Co. ILL

  1. 6/12/1912
  2. 10/ 27/1951 Normal ILL Find A Grave Memorial# 17203453

occ: Farmer

Specifics: Medium height and build, blue eyes, light hair.

Spouse: Naomi Jane Gunn

  1. 1/3/1894
  2. 10/13/1983 Find A Grave Memorial# 20724756 Gerald E. Litherland AKA Jerry

  1. 1913


  1. 2000 Find A Grave Memorial# 119718619

Occ: serviceman for natural gas co.

Spouse: Eleanor E. Swope

  1. 6/12/1915 Knox Co. Indiana
  2. 12/08 2004 Wichita KS Find A Grave Memorial# 10067081 Richard Litherland

  1. @ 1937 Naomi Eloise Litherland AKA Eloise

  1. 2/25/1915


  1. 11/2/1972 Find A Grave Memorial# 73567827

Spouse: Albert Lloyd Hayner

  1. 7/01/1914
  2. 3/16/1971 Find A Grave Memorial# 73566101 Mary Elizabeth Litherland

  1. 4/29/1919
  2. 5/2/1919 Find A Grave Memorial# 17203538 La Cigale Litherland (dau)

  1. 08/11/1920


  1. 2/21/2003 Ohio Cremated Lived in CA Find A Grave Memorial# 177530032

Spouse: (Elmer?) Wollenhaup Sheldon Wayne Litherland AKA Wayne S. Litherland

  1. 5/12/1929


d.. 12/09/2016 Indian Harbour FL

Sheldon Wayne Litherland, 87, of Indialantic, died Friday, December 9, 2016. Wayne, the son of Chelsea and Naomi Litherland, was born May 12, 1929. He had one brother and three sisters, all deceased. Wayne was married to the late Ann Allen in 1947 and they had one daughter, Leslie, in 1955.

Wayne served in the Army from 1952-1954. He was stationed in Berlin, where he was a member of the 6th INF Honor Guard. After his military service, he earned a BS Degree from Illinois State University in 1961 and a Masters Degree from Southern Illinois University in 1965.

He spent eight years farming near West Salem, Illinois. Later he was employed to teach Agriculture and Science for eight years in O’Fallon, Illinois. The family moved to Florida in 1969 where Wayne served as Counselor and Guidance Director at Nova High School in Ft. Lauderdale. He retired in 1986 and spent his time fishing, cooking, and reading.

Wayne is survived by his daughter Leslie (Tom) Wright of Indialantic, two grandsons Steve (Yui) Wright and Eric Wright, and one great grandson.

Spouse: Dorothy Ann Allen

  1. May 4, 1926, in Hillview, Illinois


Dorothy Ann (Allen) Litherland, 85, of Indialantic, died Sunday, April 8, 2012. Mrs. Litherland was born May 4, 1926, in Hillview, Illinois. She was preceded in death by her parents, Frank and Dorothy Allen, and her sister, Eleanor Allen.

Mrs. Litherland graduated from White Hall High School. She received a BS degree from Illinois State University, in 1947, and a Masters Degree from Southern Illinois University, in 1965.

Mrs. Litherland had a 37 year teaching career. She taught 20 years in Illinois and 17 years in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. She worked with Elementary, Junior, and High School students, as well as Special Education students. She retired in 1986.

She is survived by her husband of 64 years, Wayne Litherland; daughter, Leslie (Tom) Wright; and grandsons, Steve (Yui) Wright and Eric Wright, all of Melbourne, FL. She was optimistic, kind, and compassionate and family meant the world to her. She will be deeply missed by all. – Leslie Litherland

Spouse: Tom Wright Steven T. Wright

  1. @ 1984

Spouse: Yui Eric Wright

2.4.4. George William Cozine

b.1860 or 9/13/1862 Wabash Co ILL

  1. 22 Mar 1883 in Wabash Co Illinois

d.9/28/1942 Wabash Co Illinois Find A Grave Memorial# 17193829

Occ: Farmer

Spouse: Ruey Amanda Schlanker

  1. 5/1862 Illinois
  2. 1/26/1940 Wabash CO ILL Find A Grave Memorial# 17193857 Nola Ella Cozine

  1. 10/17/1883
  2. 8/25/1905 Mt. Carmel ILL
  3. 1959 Find A Grave Memorial# 17194054

Spouse: James Henry Eckiss

b.10/14/1879 ILL

d.July 1972 Find A Grave Memorial# 17194045 Floyd Zachary Ellis

  1. 5/9/1910 Mt. Carmel ILL


d.5/09/1992 Evansville, IN Find A Grave Memorial# 100646114

Spouse: Eva May Beggs

  1. 7/23/1917 Morganfield KY
  2. 9/5/2007 Carollton KY Find A Grave Memorial# 100645840

Specifics: No children mentioned in obituary, nor could I find any for this couple. Flossie Darena Cozine

  1. 12/22/1888 Wabash Co ILL
  2. February 24, 1909 Wabash County, Illinois
  3. 1966 Find A Grave Memorial# 103299735

Spouse: George Newton Smith

  1. Jan. 11, 1888Wabash County Illinois
  2. 1957 Wabash CO ILL Find A Grave Memorial# 103299735

Occ: Farmer Maxine Smith Faith (1910 – 1979)

  1. July 27, 1910 Illinois
  2. February 2, 1932 Wabash County, Illinois
  3. Oct 25,1979 Wabash Co ILL

Spouse:   Kenneth W. Faith

  1. Sept. 18, 1912 Knox Co. IN
  2. June 18, 1981 Wabash Co ILL Find A Grave Memorial# 103299972

Occ.: Bridgework Mechanic Billy George Faith

  1. Oct. 23, 1932 Illinois


  1. APRIL 21 1972 Find A Grave Memorial# 103311157

Specifics: Served in Korea, Corporal US Army

Spouse: (Unknown) Rodgers C. Faith

  1. 1939 Arkansas


  1. Lavaughn Smith Kelsey (1913 – 1990)
  2. March 3, 1913 Wabash Co. Illinois
  3. 3/8/1930
  4. June 11,1990 Mt. Carmel ILL Find A Grave Memorial# 66870509

Specifics: She was a homemaker. She was a member of the First Presbyterian Church in Mt. Carmel, a member of the Women of the Moose, and a member of the Wabash Historical Society.

Surviving are one son, Clarence Keith Kelsey of Allendale; one daughter, Shirley Adams of Allendale, two sisters, Ferris Arnold of San Leandro, Calif., Georgia Kepley of Champaign; four grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren.

Spouse: Clarence Chamberlain Kelsey


d.1/2/ 1973 Find A Grave Memorial# 103285224

Occ: Teacher Kenneth Smith Kelsey

  1. 12/17/1930 Lawrence Co. Illinois
  2. 12/29/1930 Wabash Co. ILL Find A Grave Memorial# 103285342 Kelsey

  1. 1936 Illinois
  2. September 10, 1954 Orio ILL
  3. LKA Allendale

Spouse Robert W. Adams

  1. March 26, 1934
  2. 8/23/2010

Specifics: Robert W. Adams, 76, of rural Allendale, IL, passed away August 23, 2010 at Wabash General Hospital, Mt. Carmel, IL.

He was born March 26, 1934 to Ralph E. and Versa (Schroyer) Adams in Bridgeport, IL.

Robert married Shirley Kelsey on September 10, 1954 at the Wabash Presbyterian Church in Orio, IL and she survives. To this union was born one son: Garry Wayne Adams, Joelton, TN and three daughters: Barbara Ellen, Indianapolis, IN, Angela Elaine, (Martin) Greatline, Albion, IL and Regina Eve (Greg) Brandt, Sullivan, IL. Also surviving are eleven grandchildren: Darrick, Blake and Charles Adams; Jon-Michael, Christopher, Cody, and Ava Allender; Remington, Alaina, Landon, and Audrey Greatline, and three great-grandchildren: Star, Jadah, and Devin Adams.

Robert was preceded in death by his parents and two brothers: Max and Hubert.

Robert received his bachelor’s degree at age 20 from the University of Illinois and was awarded a Master’s Degree from Washington University in St. Louis, MO. He taught Agriculture at the Sumner High School and also taught at Coulterville, IL and later at Allendale, IL and Illinois State University High School, Normal, IL and then accepted a position at Wabash Valley College in Mt. Carmel, IL, where he taught Chemistry and Physics until his retirement at age 55.

Robert had an additional career as leader of The Adams Family Bluegrass band; which began in 1968 in Decatur, IL and included performances at Santa Claus Land, IN, Kings Island, Ohio and the Florida State Fair. The families´ last performance was at Old Settler Days, Sumner, IL.
Robert was an intelligent, caring husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather. He was also an Elder at Pisgah Presbyterian Church, rural Bridgeport, IL.NORMAL — Robert W. Adams, 76, rural Allendale, formerly of Normal, died Monday (Aug. 23, 2010) at Wabash General Hospital, Mount Carmel.

Service: 11 a.m. Saturday at Pisgah Presbyterian Church, rural Bridgeport.

Burial: Bethel Cemetery, rural Bridgeport.

Visitation: 6 to 8 p.m. Friday at Ingram Funeral Home, Allendale, and 10 to 11 a.m. Saturday before the service at the church.

Memorials: Pisgah Presbyterian Church.

Survivors: His wife, Shirley Kelsey Adams; one son, Garry Wayne Adams, Joelton, Tenn.; three daughters, Barbara Ellen, Indianapolis, Ind.; Angela Elaine (Martin) Greatline, Albion; and Regina Eve (Greg) Brandt, Sullivan; 11 grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren. Wayne Adams

  1. August 21, 1956


LKA Joelton, TN



Spouse: Debbie Lynn Kitchell


d. Darrick R. Adams

  1. February, 1983


LKA Nashville, TN Blake E. Adams



d. Charles M Adams



d. Barbara Ellen Adams

  1. October 1961


d. Elaine Adams

  1. February 25, 1965



Spouse Martin Eve Adams

  1. May 196?



Spouse Greg Brandt Clarence “Keith” Kelsey

  1. March 30, 1945


  1. Sept. 2, 2004Find A Grave Memorial# 103316709 Curtis Lee Kelsey

  1. 1952
  2. 1952Find A Grave Memorial# 103285300 S. Smith  (dau) Serris in 1920 census, Ferest C.  in 1930 Census,Ferris in 1940 Census)

  1. May 12, 1916 Illinois


  1. 1/22/1995 San Leandro, Calif

Spouse:  Charles Howard Arnold

  1. 12/06/1915 NY
  2. 10/04/ 1989 San Leandro, Calif Georgia Claudine Smith
  3. November 25, 1921 Allendale, Illinois
  4. Nov. 9, 1942 Arlington, Virginia
  5. July 21, 2015 Find A Grave Memorial# 149672383


SAVOY – Georgia C. Kepley, 93, of Savoy passed away at 9:12 p.m. Tuesday (July 21, 2015) at Carle Foundation Hospital, Urbana, with her family by her side.

Georgia is survived by two daughters, Karen (Cody) Cundiff and Veree (Jim) Ethridge, and two sons, Vance (Betty) Kepley and Brett (Joanna) Kepley. Also surviving are four grandchildren, Paul Cundiff, Pamela (Peter) Bargren, Kersten (Brad) Freda and Karee (Beth) McAndrew; six great-grandchildren; and two great-great-grandchildren.

Preceding her in death were her parents, three sisters and her husband of 66 years, Vance Kepley, who died in 2009.

Georgia was born Nov. 5, 1921, at her parents’ home in rural Allendale, Ill., the daughter of George N. Smith and Flossie Cozine Smith.

Georgia graduated from Allendale High School in 1939. She worked as bookkeeper in the Wabash County sheriff’s office until 1942. Her fiance Vance had gone to Washington, D.C., and invited her to come as well to work in the war effort. He worked in the Pentagon; she in the Maritime building.

They were married in Arlington, Va., on Nov. 9, 1942. Before war’s end, Vance’s father asked him to return to Allendale to help with the family farm, and so they returned and Georgia assumed the role of farm wife and mother.

In 1957, Vance saw an opportunity to go back to school at the University of Illinois. So, quoting Georgia, she “packed three kids and a dog” into their Pontiac while Vance drove the farm truck with their possessions and they moved to Urbana.

She enrolled Vance Jr. in grade school, Veree in Urbana Junior High, Karen in Urbana High School and Vance Sr. into the University of Illinois. She became the family breadwinner, working at the Smith Lumber Co. as bookkeeper until the birth of Brett in 1961. Vance soon graduated and received his law degree, and Georgia was awarded a PHT (Putting Husband Through) school certificate which she proudly displayed.

An avid golfer, she and Vance were charter members of the Lincolnshire Fields Country Club. She joined a quilting group, sewed cartoon characters as Christmas tree ornaments, learned to play the organ and volunteered at the Champaign County Nursing home playing the piano for singalongs.

An outgoing person, she never knew a stranger. She enjoyed traveling with Vance and hosting friends and family when they wintered in Florida.

Spouse: Vance I. Kepley

  1. August 9, 1924 Salem, IN
  2. 1/07/2009 Sarasota FL Find A Grave Memorial# 32886893

Specifics: Lawyer Vance I. Kepley, of Reno, O’Byrne & Kepley, of Champaign .1.Karen Kepley



LKA: Thomasboro, ILL Specifics:

Spouse: Cody Cundiff

Owner-operator at Cundiff home improvements Paul Cundiff




Spouse (Engaged; wedding date set for 11/11/17 to Julie Hankins) .2.Veree Kepley

  1. 194?





Veree Ethridge was a economics professor at University of St. Francis located in Joliet, Illinois. She has two daughters born in the 1970’s.

Spouse: James I. Ethridge .3.Vance I. Kepley Jr.


LKA Frisco Colorado

Spouse: Betty


Occ. Professor; film

I teach and do research in the history of cinema. Much of the work I have done over the years has concerned the relationship between film and social history, considering how major films have addressed their socio-historical contexts. These interests were first sparked during my graduate education (I had the good fortune to study film in this department, and I had outstanding teachers who are now outstanding colleagues.) This emphasis on historical context served me well in the research area I have cultivated since my days in graduate school, Russian/Soviet cinema; that national cinema, in particular, has always had a strong political dimension. I have consistently found that studying Russian/Soviet cinema provides insight into the history of modern Russia, and I try to convey that in my teaching in the area. This interest in the social dimension of cinema has also informed my more recent research projects on documentary film, since documentary is a mode that often directly addresses topical social issues. I annually teach undergraduate courses in these two areas of Russian film and documentary, and I have found that my research really does benefit my teaching, especially in my Russian course.I have recently assumed the role of Director of the Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research, which I consider an honor. The Center manages one of the nation’s largest, most valuable research archives on the history of broadcasting, theater and film.My hobbies, which are shared with my wife and best friend Betty Kepley, are seasonally determined: tennis in summer and alpine skiing in winter. I expect that I would find eternal contentment if it were somehow possible to move Summit County, Colorado closer to Madison, Wisconsin. .4. Brett Kepley




Spouse Joann Stanley Willard Cozine

  1. 2/3/1903 Wabash Co ILL


d.1/6/1946 Evansville, IN Find A Grave Memorial# 106210138

Spouse: Eva Edna Walther

  1. 1901
  2. May 17, 1965 Evansville, IN Find A Grave Memorial# 106210124 Leon Cozine

  1. Nov. 3, 1921
  2. July 25, 1942
  3. Sep. 5, 1998 Evansville, IN Find A Grave Memorial# 38975965

Spouse: Alberta Cora SCHENRICK Aka Suhrheinrich

  1. Nov. 30, 1922 IN
  2. Sep. 22, 1993 Evansville, IN Find A Grave Memorial# 38975935 Walter Earl Cozine

  1. Jun. 3, 1934 Evansville, IN


  1. Mar. 4, 2013 Evansville, IN Find A Grave Memorial# 77560199


Walter Earl Cozine, 78, of Evansville, Indiana, passed away Monday, March 4, 2013 at St. Mary’s Medical Center. Walter was born in Evansville, Indiana on June 3, 1934 to the late Stanley and Eva Edna (Walters) Cozine. He graduated from Bosse High School and worked at Whirlpool where he retired after 40 years of service. Walter was a veteran of the United States Army and loved to fish and hunt.
Walter is survived by Zettie Marie Cozine and by 11 nieces and nephews.
Walter is preceded in death by his brother, Eddie and his parents.
Funeral services will be held 10:00 AM, Thursday, March 7, 2013 at Browning Funeral Home 738 Diamond Ave. with Brother Bob Hardison officiating Burial will follow at Springdale Cemetery in Sebree, Kentucky.

Spouse: Zettie Marie (Unknown)

  1. 1/8/1931


2.4.5. Mary Eliza Cozine

  1. 18 Mar 1865 Wabash County, Illinois
  2. 4/27/1887
  3. Sept 16, 1944 Allendale, ILL Find A Grave Memorial# 17190031

Spouse: Charles Francis “Frank”Adams

  1. 10/07/1862 Wabash Co, ILL

d.4/7/1915 Find A Grave Memorial# 17189961 Della “Ruth” Adams

b.12/21/1892 Wabash Co ILL


  1. 14 Aug 1947 Harrisburg, Wabash, Illinois

Spouse: Frank Gray.


d. Gentry Dale Adams

b.9/28/1898 Wabash Co ILL

  1. 11/1/1924
  2. 7/6/1968 Find A Grave Memorial# 17190001

Spouse: Marjorie McFarland Fox

b.1900 Allendale ILL

d.1956 Mt Carmel ILL

2.4.6. Simon Francis Cozine

  1. 4/26/1867
  2. 30 Dec 1891 Wabash County, Illinois
  3. 12/17/1962 Find A Grave Memorial# 119770940

Occ: Farmer

Spouse: Elizabeth “Lizzie” Catherine Litherland

  1. 20 Apr 1869 in Illinois
  2. 10 Dec 1927 in Mt. Carmel, Wabash County, Illinois Find A Grave Memorial# 17193131 Effie Blanche Cozine

b.5/13/1893 Wabash Co ILL


  1. 1943 Find A Grave Memorial# 17190141

Spouse: August Baker


d.1920 Find A Grave Memorial# 107885979 August A.”Gus” Baker



d.1971 Find A Grave Memorial# 117074777
2.4.7. Garret James Cozine

  1. 2 Feb 1870
  2. 25 Apr 1896 in Daviess County, Indiana
  3. 1957

Spouse: Laura Glenn ALLISON

b.Aug 1873 in Indiana Irma Louise COZINE

  1. 2 Jul 1920


  1. Sep 1986 in Vincennes, Knox, Indiana

Specifics: Irma Louise was the adopted daughter of Garret James and Laura Cozine, and she was extremely interested in genealogy of the Cozines. However, no one knows what happened to all her research.

Note: Mary Emma COZINE not listed in the work of JHK (who got his information directly from the family), but is listed as a daughter in the work of others. I don’t believe she belongs to this family, as her mother was Mary, and born in a different year.) There is a Mary Emma Cozine in this line; wife of 2.6.4.Charles Edward Moyer.

2.5 Mary Ann Moyer



Specifics: As a widow, Mary received widow benefits from the military.

Spouse: Andrew Jackson Covington

b.6/18/1830 Grayville, ILL

d.10/14/1863 New Orleans, LA Find A Grave Memorial# 14078409

Specifics: Also married to 1.4, Sarah Kroh Covington, who died as a Private in the Civil War in 1855 in NOLA of chronic diarrhea.

2.6 Daniel Kroh Moyer

b.5/27/1832 Washington Co MD

m.5/13/1854 Wabash Co ILL

d.10/14/1894 Wabash Co ILL Find A Grave Memorial# 17203924

Spouse: Mary Ann Fite

b.2/20/Louisville, KY 1833

  1. 2/2/1905 Corning Arkansas

2.6.1.Anna Elizabeth Moyer

  1. 7/22/1856 Wabash Co. ILL
  2. 5/24/1875 Wabash Co. ILL Find A Grave Memorial# 17203917

2.6.2.Jonathan Moyer

b.8/31/1858 Wabash Co., Ill


  1. 7/22/1937 Find A Grave Memorial# 120813427

Spouse: Rose E. Egelston

  1. 1865 Crawford Co, Ill
  2. 1848 Find A Grave Memorial# 120813748


Children: Alvin Moyer

  1. 1/3/1884
  2. 4/28/1910 LKA washington Clarence Moyer

  1. 10/16/1885/6


  1. 7/10/1968Find A Grave Memorial# 33061778

Specifics: (WWI Draft Card) Tall, med build, brown hair and eyes

Spouse: Bessie “Bernice” Ackman



children: Louver Moyer

  1. @ 1912



Mentioned as a daughter in 1920 Census only “Evelyn” Moyer Loveless

b.2/11/1914 Lawrence Co ILL


  1. 11/24/2006 Vincennes IN Find A Grave Memorial# 33042217

Specifics: Nurse

Evelyn L. Loveless, 92, of Vincennes, In, formerly of Sumner, IL, passed away at 4:15 pm on November 24, 2006 at Crestview Nursing Home in Vincennes. She was born February 11, 1914 to Clarence Moyer and Bernice B. Ackman Moyer. She was married to Evan F. Loveless, who preceded her in death. A brother, Ray Moyer and wife Marty, of Vincennes, survive. A sister-in-law, Kathy Moyer of Vincennes also survives. Two brothers and a sister preceded Evelyn in death. Funeral service will be conducted at Sivert-Macey & Steffey Funeral Home in Sumner at 10:00 am on Monday. Visitation will be from 9:00 to 10:00 am on Monday at the funeral Home. Burial will be in Sumner City Cemetery. Memorial donations may be made to the American Heart Association through the funeral home.

Spouse: Evan E. Loveless


  1. 1990 Find A Grave Memorial# 33041913 3.Jesse/Jessie Donald Moyer

  1. 1916 Illinois


  1. Oct 27, 1977Find A Grave Memorial# 33061805

Spouse: Vera V Moyer

  1. 11/22/1910
  2. 1/27/2010 Find A Grave Memorial# 118315067 M Moyer

  1. 5/20/1952
  2. 3/22/1973 Find A Grave Memorial# 33061805 Rex E Moyer

  1. 7/12/1927 ILL
  2. 12/28/1973
  3. 7/11/2005 Indianapolis, IN Find A Grave Memorial# 11366120

Specifics: Sgt. WWII US Army, Rex Moyer Memorial Scholarship

Provided by: Vincennes University

Spouse: Kathleen J. “Kathy”

  1. 10/04/1938

d. Ray J Moyer

  1. 1928 Earl J. Moyer

b.3/9/1890 Illinois

  1. No
  2. LKA Rural, ILL Per1940 census Nellie B. Moyer

  1. 8/15/1894
  2. 10/14/1894 Find A Grave Memorial# 120813639 Kroh Moyer Jr.

  1. 9/12/1895
  2. Aug. 6, 1921
  3. January 1982. Find A Grave Memorial# 144413388

Specifics: I can find no record of children born to Daniel, but he had a foster daughter, Mary Ann Swart, Mt. Pleasant. MI.


Services for Daniel K. Moyer, 86, who died at his home Monday, will be Friday at 10:30 a.m. in the Summers Funeral Home, and at 2 p.m. Friday in Ingram Funeral Home in West Salem. Bro. John Craig will officiate.

Visitation will be 7-9 p.m. tonight at Summers Funeral Home and 6-9 p.m. Friday night at the Ingram Funeral Home. Military rites will be conducted by Olney and West Salem American Legion Posts. Burial will be in Moravian Cemetery.

Mr. Moyer was born in Richland County, the son of Jonathan and Rosa Eva Moyer. He married Ruth C. Doty Aug. 6, 1921, and she preceded him in death May 21, 1978.

He was retired from International Shoe Co. after having worked there for 40 years. He was a member of American Legion Post 30.

Survivors include a foster daughter, Mary Ann Swart, Mt. Pleasant, Mich.; a sister-in-law, Bernice Moyer, Sumner; foster grandchildren, Clifford M. Dugan, Troy, Mich.; and Elizabeth Ann Dugan, Mt. Pleasant, Mich.

He was preceded in death by his parents and wife.

Olney Daily Mail (IL)


Occ: Worked at International Shoe Factory (Per WWII draft registration), and per WWI draft registration he was tall and slender with brown eyes and black hair.

Spouse: Ruth Claire Doty

b.Dec 13, 1895

  1. May 21, 1978 Find A Grave Memorial# 74246340

2.6.3.Mary Susan Moyer Mundy

b.10/22/1860 Knox Co IN


d.11/07/1939  Find A Grave Memorial# 160203481

Spouse: Reuben F. Mundy

  1. 7/09/1861 ILL
  2. 2/15/1931 Find A Grave Memorial# 92639601

Specifics: Farmer

Children: P. Mundy

b.11/1889 ILL

At age 20 he was living with the Charles Litherland family as a hired hand. I can find nothing else on him. Mundy Dorney (“Livingood” on 1920 Census)

  1. 6/09/1892 ILL
  2. 11 Jul 1940 Find A Grave Memorial# 159155045

Spouse Samuel Simpson Dorney

  1. 4/27/1892
  2. 1/23/1953 Find A Grave Memorial# 90363644

Private in WWI Mary “Polly” Susan Mundy Pierson

  1. 9/30/1896 Wabash Co IN


d.5/08/1980 Find A Grave Memorial# 40660345

Spouse: John Jesse Pierson

b.2/1/1900 Wabash Co ILL

d.2/22/1969 Wabash Co ILL Reuben Cy Pierson

  1. 5/06/1923 Wabash Co ILL
  2. 2/18/1945 Germany Find A Grave Memorial# 40660468

Specifics: Chaplain Writes To Parents Telling How Son Was Killed In Germany Newspaper article: Daily Republican-Register Tuesday, July 17, 1945

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Pierson of Mount Carmel route 1, are in receipt of a letter from Captain (Chaplain) Kenneth C. Martin, written somewhere in Germany June 19, in which he says:
“In reply to your letter of April 26, 1945, I am able to give you the following information regarding your son, Reuben, who was killed in action on February 18, in Germany.”
“Reuben was a rifleman in I Company, 518th Infantry. On the 18th of February 1945, the company was attacking toward the town of Crutchen, Germany. Reuben was riding in the assistant driver’s seat of a tank. In the course of action Reuben was struck by shell fragments and succumbed almost instantly. Positive identification was established.”
“May I assure you that we here, and the world at large, will never forget that it was the splendid efforts of men like your son that won for us the peace that has come to this part of God’s world.”
“Asking God’s best blessing for you and yours in the trying days ahead, and assuring you of a special remembrance in my prayers, I am, Kenneth C. Martin.” /Lelan S.Pierson

  1. 1927 Illinois


d. Dale Mundy

  1. 6/2/1905 Wabash Co., Ill
  2. 4/3/1943 Wabash Co., Ill Find A Grave Memorial# 159155250

2.6.4.Charles Edward Moyer

  1. 2/1/1861


  1. 12/05/1945 Clay, Arkansas Find A Grave Memorial# 125524573 (records say Oct. Death, stone says December)

Spouse: Mary Emma Cozine

  1. 11/01/1871 Lawrence County Illinois, USA
  2. 9/9/1950Find A Grave Memorial# 125524574


Jane Oliver listed as single daughter b. Arkansas in Arkansas 1930 census, but her parents were born in PA and OH.

Widowed of son?

Mamie Cozine listed as “stepdaughter”  b. 1885in 1900 census. Charles’  widowed mother Mary Fite Moyer also was with them.



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