How to Make a Cement Block Basement Wall Look Like Brick

augres linwood 002

Start with a clean wall, painted the color you want between your bricks. If I had it to do over, I would have done a light gray. Use thin masking tape. It is helpful if you have a thin board or heavy cardboard the width of the “bricks”. Put a piece of tape down, hold up the spacer board, mark the spot and put down another piece of tape.

augres linwood 001


Take some brick colored spray paint and paint the “bricks”. Mottled is good; you don’t need an even coat. Daub on some light and some dark paint on some areas in a random pattern.

augres linwood 002

Pull off the tape.

augres linwood 003

Close-up of the texture and other color on the “brick”.

augres linwood 001

Done! People have to touch it to make sure it is not real brick! (I did touch up the drips If I had not gone too heavy and listened to myself about the mottled look, I would not have had to do that.)

pinterest 001

Just for giggles I painted a stone corner in back of the ‘fridge.

pinterest 001

There was a small area next to the dryer. I didn’t want to do the whole brick wall deal, but thought I would make it look as if it were aged and cracked stucco over brick.

pinterest 002

Step one…tape off the “brick” area.

pinterest 003

I had some leftover texture paint from another project. I covered up the cement block joints with it. I had it leftover from when I textured an entire cement block house (inside walls). Inside the “bricks” I did sand texture paint.

pinterest 004

Then I spray painted the red, black, and dabbed on the pale yellow. I screened off the areas I did not want painted, but as you can see I had some overspray. (And drips from spraying too heavily!)

pinterest 005

No worries…I just troweled on more texture paint to cover the overspray and touched up the drips.

At last 001

Done! I did outline the brick area a bit with brown to make it stand out.

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