Family Photos

Kroh girls L72 LK MARIE ruth baker birthplace scalehouse sniffer gaarage coop UncleEdshouse bakerBury bakerfamilyEbay 024 bakerfamilyEbay 026. bakerfamilyEbay 037 bakerfamilyEbay 039bakerfamilyEbay 039 bakerfamilyEbay 037 bakerfamilyEbay 026. bakerfamilyEbay 024 bakerBury UncleEdshouse sniffer gaarage coop scalehouse ruth baker birthplace LK MARIE L72 Kroh girls joseph handgen2 HILLSDALE NURSE GRADUATION21 hillsdale nurse graduation Hillsdale MI Orlando Nash Family hillsdale MI Bible School Hillsdale MI Alfred and Gladys Kroh hillsdale LYLE BAKER FARM WESTSIDE hillsdale LYLE BAKER FARM NORTH SIDE1 hillsdale LYLE BAKER FARM GARAGE hillsdale LYLE BAKER FARM EAST SIDE hillsdale group Hillsdale Alfred Kroh Farm bettie drane baker group

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