Blackhead Remover

OK, this is going to sound crazy, but it WORKS!!! My husband used to work in dermatology (research) and in his office, he had a poster of a forest of blackheads on what looked like a sheet of paper, magnified. (Gross!) I asked him how they got all those blackheads out at once, and he said simply…’Super Glue”.  YES! Super Glue!!! I have tried it and it really, really works. Sometimes you have to do it twice, but it WILL work!You just z1

need some super glue and a plastic that it will stick to. (Try it out somewhere other than your face, lol.) Super glue will not stick to some plastics. I used a heavy plastic, like a shower curtain. Sometimes I used a tightly woven fabric, instead. Anyway, you put a very small dot of super glue on the offending spots, and slap the plastic on it. It spreads out quite a bit with the plastic on it.  Try not to breathe the fumes (good luck with that). Maybe standing in front of a fan will help. Then you wait about 5 minutes and peel off the plastic. The super glue prefers the plastic to your skin, but the blackheads pull out. (Like I said, sometimes it takes 2 tries.) Sometimes you will get little bits of superglue left behind, but scrubbing with a cool washcloth will take care of it. If you use the wrong kind of plastic, the super glue will stick to your skin and not the plastic, so I suggest you make sure it works first by maybe sticking a small strip to your ankle first.

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