How to Make a Footstool Out of Nothing

It is good to rub, and polish our brain against that of others.
~Michel Eyquem de Montaigne

Well. Here we go. As you may be able to tell, I don’t have a clue what I am doing here. But, with any luck, in a few years I will be able to navigate the “blogosphere” without embarrassing myself.

People keep telling me, “you should put that (idea; project;whatever) on Pinterest! Well, I would, but I am not really sure how to. I know you can’t pin from Facebook. I can’t just pin a photo. So, I am trying this, as many of the things I love on Pinterest are from someone else’s blog. I doubt if I will do this often; I am not a creative person. Just mainly cheap. I hate to throw things out if I can possibly find a way to gussy it up and make it useful.

Now to figure out how to post photos on this thing…(where is my daughter-in-law, the lovely Sweet Rachel when I need her?!?) Hmmmm…”Add media?”

Ok, this is working. (My shocked face.)  Following you will find directions on how to make a large covered footstool with NO SEWING! You just need plywood cut to fit old cushions, the cushions, table legs, two tablecloths, pinking shears,a staple gun, and an iron. Oh, and a pen.

1.Take a piece of plywood and attach sturdy legs.

1.Take a piece of plywood and attach sturdy legs.

Take an old couch cushion. Someone who reupholsters should have a nice selection for from free to cheap.

Get another piece of plywood, the same size as the first piece. This one will have no legs.

I was looking for some type of fabric that was sturdy, but not too expensive. The local fabric store’s clearance stuff was still more than I wanted to pay, especially since I did not have a clue how to do this and how it would turn out. So, I went to Big Lots and got 2 tan tablecloths. They had kind of a pattern that made it very easy to tell where to cut; I just cut on a line close to where I wanted it . I ended up not using the screws.

Measure from the floor to about 2 inches overlap on the top of the legged plywood. (I just eyed it.) Cut eight pieces: Long side (width plus 3″ on each side) (2 each) Short side (width plus 3″ on each side) (2 each) and 4 corners (about 8″ wide). Make sure the tablecloth finished edge is the part which will touch the floor.

Mark the corner pieces so you know where the center is.

Making sure the fabric just slightly touches the floor, put the center line on the edge of the table. (You will not have to hem this, as the tablecloth already has a finished edge.)

Staple all the corners on the plywood, folding the edges neatly.

Fold the edges of all the side panels, so the 3″ overlap on each end is towards the unfinished/unseen back. This (fold) is going to go on the corners. I spritzed it with water, because the steam in my steam iron does not work well. Well, I don’t put water in it, so I guess it wouldn’t now, would it?

Iron the folds. You are going to end up with kick pleats on the edges of the table.

I went ahead and ironed all the pieces at one time so I could go nuts with the staple gun.

Staple one of the ends, with the hem (already in the table cloth) just brushing the floor. The edges of the panel will be where you ironed the 3″ excess. I guess if you were someone other than me, you would tack it down with a drop of liquid stitches or, heaven forbid, get out a needle and thread.

This is what it looked like once I got all the panels stapled on. I am pretty pleased already!

Now for the top. Cut a piece of tablecloth big enough so you get about 4″ overhang once you place the cushion and the board on it. Start stapling the ends, so it is taut, but not crazy tight. After the ends, do the sides.

Taking a peek…

Did I say do the ends first? Guess it doesn’t really matter.

Hummmm…what do do with the corners? I folded them this way and that, and did not really care for it. Finally, I just twisted it.

Yes, I think I like it. Gives a hint of softness to contrast with the ironed knife edges on the kick pleat.

Lots of staples! (Note to self: Don’t forget to ask how to reload the staple gun before your husband leaves.)

Finish all the corners.

I did two of them (I had two cushions, and really, what else are you going to do with them?) in about 2 hours. Actually, I didn’t time myself, but I am pretty sure it didn’t take much longer than that. Now I have the perfect spot for my guests to set their suitcases! (Hummm…Scotchguard?)

Well, there you have it. If you like, take some screws, turn the thing over and attach the cushion to the bottom. I did not do that…it seems to be pretty stable, and easy for an olde woman to move them up and down stairs for assorted functions.  Not perfect, but made good use of the cushions. I can’t bear to get rid of them; they were from my parent’s couch and I have lots of memories of sitting on those same cushions as a youngster. Actually, I still have the couch! My folks had it since before I was born, and it has been recovered a few times. Some of my earliest memories were of my Mom reading to me on that couch. Hope you enjoyed my venture into blogging.

The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on.
It is never of any use to oneself.

Oscar Wilde

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